Meeting a Spirit Guide

Lockdown has meant i haven't been able to massage much but have been doing distance healing and focusing on my mediumship and spiritual journey. I wanted to share todays experience with you as i can back it up thanks to google.

My "Spiritual Journey" never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday i literally had an "Out of this world" experience while in my tutoring session and saw wonderful insight to things Today i thought i would try a guided meditation to meet a spirit guide. As he walked towards me i first thought he was a priest or monk, but then his appearance changed and he had long dark curly hair, a big moustache and a feather in his hat. I thought. He looks like a cavalier. I asked his name and i was given Juan Christian. I asked him 3 questions. 1, How can i manage my plans for spain on my budget? He said . Small house, big land so you can grow. 2, How have i not met the right guy at the right time yet? He said. Until you have raised your vibration to one of happiness and positivity you will not be able to connect with someone on that high frequency that i am meant to be with. 3, How can i manage my spiritual journey when so many work/life issues make me tired and low? He said " they are never separate. one teaches you how to deal with the other. It is my choice where i lay my focus. I thought i would google Juan Christian, Cavalier. This is who i saw

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