Winter Warming and lifting your mood.

By now we are well into the winter season and the memories of a wonderful, hot, long summer are fading fast.

If like me you feel the effects of the shorted sunlit days and the dark, greyness of winter, even though we have been lucky and had a lot of sunshine this autumn.

Seasonal Affective Disorder or S.A.D. affects many people to varying amounts every year. The lack of light and warmth often causes the body's serotonin (happy chemical) to drop and our bodies natural instinct is to gather food and hibernate, and we go against nature with our busy modern lives. So we often feel lethargic, sleepy, hungry, the diet has flown out the window and your mojo has flown out the door.

When you go outside and you have to wear more clothes to ward off the chill and you see the lovely green of nature turning into the beautiful autumnal oranges, browns and reds and then to see the leaves fall away and bare, stark branches loom out seeming devoid of life and for me apart from the colours which i love. It can feel a gloomy time

But you must remember that this is a time or rest and rejuvenation and although things look quiet, mother nature is taking the time out she needs to restore her energy for the spring to come. We can try and do the same to some degree.

Lose your leaves

If you see a leaf or piece of fruit hanging onto a tree and refusing to let go and fall away. That leaf or fruit is draining energy from the plant. The plant may not have as much energy as it needs for the winter and new year ahead. So all leaves and fruit and anything clinging on that is not benefiting the plant but is only taking away. needs to go.

The same for us. Use the time to rethink, rest and make sure you get rid of dead situations, thought processes, material things and people that are draining your energy. We all have one or two rotten apples that need to come off. So take this time to do that, to reflect and to regroup yourself to plan for the New Year and spring ahead.

I am a spring/summer person, full of life and vibrancy and find the winter a sad time.

But losing my leaves helps me get through the winter time.

This feeling of sadness can also be multiplied but other factors such as the anniversary of losing someone close to us as often seems to happen in the later part of the year with the coming into winter is a time of pneumonia, chest infections and ailments that can carry our loved ones away from us and back home to spirit. Although they never really leave us, but getting used to them in a different form takes some time.

To help with this, and this is why i love Halloween and The Day of the Dead. Take some time out at a grave, special place or just meditate bring back the memories and the love and things you have learned from or through them.

Chat to them, play their favourite music, make yourself their favourite food and celebrate their lives and be grateful for the time you had and not the time you haven't. They are always around helping and giving you signs, a white feather or butterfly at unusual times of the year or in strange places. A Robin popping up or a song that reminds you of them or the lyrics may have a special meaning. I like this philosophy that a friend passed on this week. Include them and talk about them.

Then there's Christmas. Christmas is a wonderful, happy, positive time of year for many people but it can also bring up lots of memories, dread and stress.

Once again there will be people who can't join you for Christmas, you may have separated, fallen out or moved away from people who you used to spend it with.

The secret is to do whatever makes you happy to get through it. Whether you want to go out and enjoy it or curl up at home with the cat and chill.

Christmas is so far removed from its spiritual, light filled origins now, which makes it hard.

What is important is that you do what is right for you. A little moping is fine. But do not let it take you over.

Sometimes it is good to force ourselves out and about and take in the festivities.

There is a lot of good energy around at Christmas and the New Year so utilize it, get that snog under the mistletoe, go to that party and lift your spirits.

You do not need to spend a lot of money on people. make something, cook them a meal, go out for a walk or window shop with them. It is always the times and people that you remember and not the presents when you look back at past christmases.

Why not have some friends round that may be feeling the same, everyone brings a dish, play some games, drink some Mulled cider and a have a mince pie.

Go to that carol service, go out and see the lights and be part of it.

Book a holiday and go somewhere else If you want to.

If you don't thats cool too. Sit at home and watch netflix until the holidays are over and we can all just get back to normality. It is whatever is good for you.

My christmas last year was the first one without my parents and the family home, things are staistrained with family and they are 4 hours away. I wanted to be on my own even though i had offers from friends.

So i got in lots of my favourite foods, had a lay in with the cat, watched tv in my onesie, had a lush breakfast, cooked myself a christmas dinner, and cried and laughed and remembered and let myself be okay with that.

Boxing day was much the same except i forced myself out for a walk. I was sad seeing people with their families and parents and partners. But i wished them love and happiness and thought one day at a time.

What is important through all of the winter months is to maintain our health, both the physical and the mental and spiritual too if you are that way inclined (it helps if you are)

1, Food

Here are 10 foods that can help fight S.A.D and depression in general.

1, Dark Chocolate 2, Salmon 3, Bananas 4, Greek Yogurt 5, Pumpkin seeds

6, Green tea 7, Eggs 8, Spinach 9,Saffron 10, Brazil nuts

For more info on these go to

Also eat lots of colourful foods, fruits, peppers, red apples and healthy foods rather than too much stodge and sugar.

2, Exercise

Exercise helps to stimulate endorphins which change the chemicals and hormones in your body and give you a lift.

It also ensures movement of the internal organs and helps circulation and overall health.

Helps strengthen bones, joints and muscles, improves your sleep, helps you to lose weight and gives you energy.

It helps reduce anxiety, stress and increases self esteem. It helps clear your thinking, calms you and reduces the risk of depression.

Listen to your body so that you don't overdo it but sometimes you do need to push yourself to get yourself going.

Here is a link to Mind that gives more information.

3, Take some time out

wrap up and get out into nature, go for a walk in the countryside, go to a park, along the seaside, up a mountain but get out into nature.

Lift your mood with happy music ( i love a bit of latin or drumming to get me going)

Burn uplifting scents. pop some orange and lemon peel in the bath. or mint

Have some reiki healing or a massage to balance your vibration and lift or settle your moods.

Why not buy yourself a present and give yourself what you need.

Massage and healing really does help to get the systems moving and shift blocked energy.

I can help with some meditations and some stretches or exercises that can keep the energy flowing.

If you can't face leaving home i can send you distance healing.

Tarot can help to clear the mind and put things in order so come for a reading.

I hope you all have a wonderful winter time and make the most of whatever you choose to do.

If i am lucky enough to get to give you a treatment i look forward to seeing you.

If you would like to buy a gift voucher for massage, reiki, waxing treatments or tarot, I can provide those too.

Love and light.


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