What is wellbeing?

I have been thinking an awful lot about this question and i think the best way i can put it is; Are you ready for this?

The act of managing to keep a balance of your Body and Soul. Your physical, spiritual, and emotional lives need to be in harmony for things to work well together.

It is so easy to not sleep enough, not hydrate enough, work too many hours. In fact most of us do that daily. The problem is that this will take its toll eventually either on your physical and/or mental health, your relationships or your work.

We need to get a balance, but how?

The last few weeks i have made an effort to not put the TV on. I have found my brain less fuzzed up with unimportant fluff, i am more rested and i sleep better.

I have started reading more and enrolled in online courses.

I have extra time to invest in meditation. it take practice and its important to go with the flow. but it does have a very calming and energising effect. It is still a work in progress, but i am getting there.

It's certainly not easy, but worth it.

I practice Reiki healing on myself once or twice daily and my vibration and energy levels are much higher with it.

I have been very slack at going to pilates and doing yoga though i have kept up with Qi Gong. My body is screaming at me to sort it out. So i will get back to pilates twice a week (work permitting) do home yoga morning and evening and practice more Qi Gong.

As a massage therapist I notice when i've not been exercising or stretching out and i have let it roll on for 4 weeks. So it's time to take action. I know i will feel 100% better for doing so.

I have also cut back on meat, eating it rarely these days, i eat less processed food and alcohol and more home cooked and grown produce. Over the winter i put on 6 kilos from comfort eating and easy food. I am not a winter person, it affectsjh my mood and i want to hibernate. Exercising, getting out and eating more red and colourful foods help battle S.A.D. The weight gain and getting a bit baggy has affected my confidence and my ability to maintain physical work for as long as before.

So i am back on track with that too.

I also drink oodles of Kangen Water to alkalise and hydrate my body.

I am spreading out clients as much as i can throughout the week so i am no longer doing 13 hour days and then too tired to do anything productive on a day off. I am doing more energy and tarot work so it is less physical than only massage.

The main thing that has helped my mental health is trying to let go of negative situations and people that i am not able to resolve or communicate with.

Let it go!

So i am looking at;





emotional wellbeing.

Work balance.

Its a great base to start things with and i can build my work and social life around my wellbeing.

I hope this helps you to think of simple things you can do to help your wellbeing too.

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