Reiki healing

Reiki is an ancient form of healing, rediscovered in Japan 100 years ago and adapted to suit today's living.

Reiki helps to heal and balance the body and mind using the Earth's universal energy to alter the vibrations within your body. Everything has a vibration. Bone vibrates at a lower frequency than blood for example.

If someone is hyper or "buzzing" reiki can help to calm. If someone is down or "flat" Reiki can help lift.

You can never overdose on Reiki and there are no side effects so its a win, win situation.

Reiki can be done seated, on a sofa, the floor or on a massage couch. it can also be sent remotely but the hands on experience is more pleasant.

We can have a chat before the treatment to see if there are any issues or ailments you want me to focus on or we can do a general relaxing session of either 30 for £25 or 60 minutes for £45

I also do reiki on animals if your pet is ill or anxious or out of sorts.

I also have reiki workshops lined up for February 12th and April 9th. This way you can learn to heal yourself.

Have a wonderful day and please contact me for more information.

Love & Light


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