Love, Hope and Positivity for 2017

We start 2017 with many sad memories of 2016. There has been a lot of upset, many loved people have passed on and the media would have you believe that the world is an unhappy place and people don't trust each other and just want to do harm.

Of course there are some for which that statement is true, but we must believe that for the vast majority of humankind and thats what we must think of ourselves as, not divided by race, religion, geography, gender or sexual preference. We are all human beings and can all trace our bloodline back to the same areas in Africa.

The only way we can survive is through, love, respect and education. We have to love, respect and learn from our planet and not exploit it and every living thing on it.

we must educate our children and ourselves to ask questions, to help each other and to not dumb ourselves down with social media.

It is a huge problem facing society all around the world. But, it starts with you.

If you give out and share love and and understanding, then that will be passed onto others. One act of kindness can change a persons day, or even life.

Lets heal the world through love and peace.

Melhor Massage Therapies want to spread the love through massage, reiki and conversation.

Please help me to turn 2017 around into a year of hope and positivity.

If you need help to do this, come for a massage and/or Reiki, why not learn Reiki yourself and heal others?

I'm looking forward to a year of positive change and understanding and we all must believe in karma.

Love and Light.

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