Tarot Reading & Mediumship

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards have been used for millennia as a tool to tune in to a client's energy and the energies around them to gain insight, answers and clarity for situations, questions or problems that the client may be facing.

The modern day playing cards we all have derive from the minor arcana of tarot being wands=clubs, cups= hearts, swords= spades and pentacles= diamonds.

Tarot and me.

I first was given a tarot card set when i was about 19 years old and have been doing reading for friends whilst i was in Bristol until i moved to london in 1998. London took over rather, and i let my spiritual side slide for a while, but since being in Brighton & Hove i have regained my spiritual connection, built my confidence and developed my tarot reading further. 

in 2018 i started working for a "Tarot line" to get more experience and i had some great results, but then i went back to working in dementia care and rarely had the energy to do readings.

How mediumship became part of my development.

In October 2016, back in Somerset, my dad passed away to Prostate cancer and Leukemia, i was there with him and a few moments before he passed i saw my grandparents come for him. There were two shadows next to them which i instantly knew to be my dad's brothers. I was so pleased that he was soon to be out of pain and that he wasn't going to be alone. It was not only a blessing for my dad but it was the first time i was to see spirit.

You see, i grew up in my grandfather's farm cottage. He died in the same room my dad and his siblings were born in and in turn my dad's wish was to die in that room too. The house spent 100 years with the family, but is now with a new family.

After dad passed my healing abilities became stronger not to mention my phone going crazy, cupboards banging, lights flickering and power cuts, my dad liked to play jokes on people.

I had never met my gran as she passed on 6 years before i was born and my grampy died when i was 4, so my memories of him were limited.

I started going to spiritualist churches and was recommended to go to Louise Eaton  in Hove for a reading. She described the colour and pattern on dads quilt, which chair his slippers were under, his church service, where his grave was, the 2 new chrystals i had bought that were under my pillow and so much more. Another thing about louise is that she has been blind since birth.

In April of 2017, 5 months later, my mum also passed away with Pneumonia and complications related to he Alzheimer's. I knew her time was coming because she was always chatting with dad, my granny and her aunts. I was with mum when she passed on as well and just before she passed a cool breeze hit my hand, my brothers, sisters and aunts and we knew dad had come for her. (the doors and windows were closed)

When i got back to the family house from the care home at about 2am the living room clock had stopped at 11:45 which was when my mum had passed on to spirit.

After mum passed my tarot readings became stronger and my mediumship as well but it was a very difficult time for me and my energies were low, my emotions running haywire and my brain was frazzled.

My spiritual development

I continued going to spiritualist churches and had messages from mum and dad, grandparents, uncles, my ex boyfriend who took his life in 1991 and a friend who was killed in an accident a few months after mum.

I started "sitting in circle" with Louise Eaton where a group will meditate and learn skills to develop their gifts and learn ways to read and interpret messages.


In 2018 I started having 1-2-1 workshops with Brian Oxley, after i saw Brian work and he brought my mum through i contacted him to ask for private tuition.

I have been working with Louise and Brian for the last 2 or so years and i am constantly amazed at the images i see, the information i get and the connections i make with people. Each time it completely blows me away and humbles me beyond belief.

I am planning to start working on platform; wherei give demonstrations to groups this year (2020)

What do i see?

It seems the way i see information is that it comes to me as what seems like a memory. It's like a mixture of seeing, feeling and remembering. I can describe the person in this memory, where they are, what they are doing, often how they are feeling and what they want to say. I may get a feel of whether they are a grandparent, parent etc.

I can get names, or letters in the name and names of places come to me.

If i am working with the Tarot cards the card and its placement will help me put the pieces of the jigsaw together and i often get a feeling of people in questions personality, emotions and mind sets.

I also get a lot of poems or inspirational thoughts come out of the blue and i am often late for things because i have to write them down before they are forgotten and i often share them on my facebook page and i am looking to add them to my blog which has also been neglected.(along with positive, uplifting quotes and philosophies.

What's next?

So my goal is to continue developing my gifts and possibly do platform work (giving out messages to a group of people) do 1-2-1 reading and phone, skype, and media readings because i want to be able to give others the comfort and guidance that i received when i was struggling with the loss of my parents and friends and also to help people struggling with the often confusing world we live in now.

I wish to open a wellbeing centre in Spain to offer treatments, workshops, massage, Reiki, guest rooms, tarot and mediumship and to offer some of the spiritualist philosophy, guest mediums and speakers. 

The world is in need of positivity and healing and kindness. If i can play a part in making the world more like that, i believe things will fall into place to make that happen

Thank you for reading and please feel free to contact me for a reading or to ask any questions..

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