Massage Therapies   


Deep Tissue Massage

If aching, tense and painful muscles are the name of the day you probably need to go for the Deep Tissue massage. Swedish techniques are used to warm the muscle before deeper, corrective work can be delivered. A stronger massage will help to realign and stretch out tense muscles and leave to feeling as good as new.

60 minutes £49 With Hot Stones £59

90 Minutes £69 with Hot Stones £79

Swedish Massage

If you need to switch off and unwind then this is the massage for you.

Swedish Massage is a selection of techniques designed to warm the muscles, release tension and aid lymphatic drainage helping to to become more relaxed, refreshed and ready for what life has in store.

60 minutes £49 With Hot Stones £59

90 Minutes £69 with Hot Stones £79

Sports Massage

You don't need to be an athlete to need a sports massage. Sports Massage is used to treat postural problems often caused by working for long periods in the same position as in desk work. It also helps to repair injuries to muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. We can work together to rehabilitate you following injury, surgery or long term conditions using a selection of techniques, manipulation, stretches and exercises. Sports massage usually treats specific areas in more detail rather than the full body.

60 minutes £49 With Hot Stones £59

90 Minutes £69 with Hot Stones £79


Hot Stone Massage

The ultimate in relaxation to warm those tired muscles. Hot stones are made of volcanic rock named Bassalt which holds heat longer. They are used in rhythmic strokes and strategically placed on the body. The warmth of the stones will penetrate the muscle helping it to relax and release stress and tension.

This treatment can be used with other massages as well to assist deep tissue work and relaxation.

60 minutes £55 With Hot Stones £75

Thai Foot Massage

This ancient treatment works on the feet, legs, buttocks and hips using massage, stretching and manipulation to release tense, achy muscles and to help the circulation and unblock energy lines.

This can be done on the floor or on a massage table.

15 minutes  £20  30 minutes £30
60 minutes  £40

Natural Lift Facial Massage

Using a combination of gentle massage and acupressure on various areas and pressure points around the face, head and ears this treatment will help lymphatic drainage, improve circulation which will help to reduce puffiness and redness and leave your skin feeling fresh and new. Over several treatments it can help to reduce wrinkles by breaking down the collagen clumps under the skin. 

60 minutes includes extra focus on the neck, shoulders and arms

30 minutes  £35  60 minutes £45
Course of 4 treatments £160
(The course is most effective if all sessions are used within a 4 week period)

Indian Head / Chair Massage

This seated and clothed treatment can be a great way to take a short break to destress and release muscle tension.

It focuses on the upper back, shoulders, neck and head.

20 minutes £15  40 minutes  £35


Enjoy an Indian Head massage whilst your feet are bathed in the spa and relax with a Thai Foot Massages to finish off

30 minutes  £20 60 minutes  £40

Back Scrub & Back Massage

A scrub is made for you and applied gently to your back and shoulders followed by either a deep tissue or swedish back, neck and shoulder massage using essential oils 

30 minutes  £45 60 minutes  £65
Full Body scrub and massage £85
Special Offer 1
Save £10
when 2 x Massages are booked and paid for together 
Special Offer 2
Add 30 minutes Reiki Healing to your treatment for just £15 
Special Offer 3
Add a 30 minute Tarot Reading for £15
Please note,
There will be an additional £5 charge for home visits
£10 for after 9pm and Sunday hours